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You only need to know the SMTP host and port. For example for hotmail you should replace the relayhost for the following:. With havin so much content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement? Do you know any techniques to help reduce content from being stolen? If someone is taking advantage and copying literally my content.. What can I say? Feel free to email me if you wish. Took me a while to find the correct settings to work with Rackspace, sharing here in case anyone else is having the same issue. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

First of all my main. Then when I restart postfix I get the following:. Can you please help me out?

Thanks in advance! This worked very nice. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I found it surprisingly difficult to locate good information on postfix. Admiring the dedication you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.

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Fantastic read! Permissions on that file must not have been right. This came in very handy! It would help me track the progress. Anyway, good luck. I'll keep my eye on the project, because it certainly seems interesting. I don't believe on implementing the easy features first. If you implement the hard features first, its smooth sailing for the rest of the project!

I found out reading this comment that not only it has a todo page but it works great!

Setup email with Mail for Mac OS X

Not sure if it's a design choice but perhaps making the resources accessible in a single page e. GlenTheMachine 73 days ago. Exchange compatibility? Asking for a friend;. I have no interest in first-class exchange support upstream. Can exchange do IMAP? Then it 'supports' exchange. GlenTheMachine 71 days ago. It can but whether it does depends on your local IT. Which means it doesn't. Hmmm, I'm not familiar with command line email clients but this looks cool. I wonder if I can use aerc in a bash pipeline?

Gmail from the command line with Mutt (Mac OS X)

You can't pipe emails into aerc yet? Crashed on first email I read from Gmail. Also, I had to enable "less secure access" in Gmail for aerc to work. Will try again after a few months. Better to avoid gmail.

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How does it lock you in to gmail? They provide a method by which you can use any mail client if you'd like. Applications can always implement OAuth 2. They took something that worked fine, then broke it after they had the majority of users. There are backwards compatible and secure methods Like allowing a unique password per device. To make matters worse they falsely point the blame at competitors and then people like you defend them. Notmuch doesn't seem to help at all, or if it would, it's hard to tell if it's configured correctly.

That sounds too much if it is for a single person.

Mac Mail App Opens Itself Randomly, Fix - macReports

If you get 10 email per days for 10 years, you'd not get to 40k My suggestion will be to clean your mailbox instead of finding a new client. Getting around 50 e-mail per day was normal. I kept a lot of those discussions in my e-mail client for later reference, because the mailing list website had sub-par search function compared to Mozilla e-mail client I used at the time.

It's possible he's using it as an e-mail archive for mailing lists or something like that. Seems the number has also doubled. Some of that is mailing lists for sure, I'd say I respond to about ten direct emails not from lists per day. That's a little odd -- I was using gnus with maildirs that size ten years ago and it wasn't so bad. I remember something about increasing the emacs memory limit before garbage collection kicks in, too. That seems interesting, I'll look at that. If there's one thing I have, it is a lot of memory.

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I would be okay if my whole Maildir was mmapped, as long as that made gnus faster. I have used Wanderlust on emacs for about 15 years now. I think using maildir directly may be hard to squeeze good performance out of with emacs.

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Using mu maildir utils via search in wanderlust to load 30k messages take about 1 minute, but if you are using mu you should be searching, not loading an entire mailbox. So there are probably some options out there, but I'd avoid loading 40k messages from a maildir directly. How does this compare to mutt? Aerc is very new and written in Go. I tested it on my thousnand mail ARM linux mailing list archive, accessed via localhost dovecot IMAP server, to see the best case performance, but it doesn't look good, atm.

The performance is slow, and it doesn't support threads, which is a must for MUA. All that time you spend waiting for mutt to open your inbox is downloading all of the data that aerc is downloading as you scroll. Yes, aerc is not yet as featureful or mature as mutt, but it definitely does not have inferior performance. Then everything is basically instantaneous.

I've only configured a local IMAP server over my maildir to be able to try aerc. I have no clue why aerc is taking ms to load a single message as you see in the video from the localhost. Maybe naggle is it even used on localhost? Also, I'm not sure how you'd make threads work while loading message list only partially. So full load of the message list is needed anyway at least once and cache it locally.

It's not some failing. I want thread that started 5 months ago to pop forward if new message is posted to it. EDIT: Faster scrolling loads multiple messages at once faster. Maybe aerc can take into account that user may have scrolled past more than one message in the time the previous message finished loading. When you scroll down, one at a time, through all of the messages like that, I have to wait for ones that scrolled offscreen long ago before I can read out the details for the ones onscreen now.

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Adding an option to fetch all headers when opening a folder might be wise, or just fetching the offscreen headers in the background while idle. Another thing some email clients do is open several IMAP connections, but pooling connections to implement cancellation could get icky. IMAP has a thread extension I intend to put to good use for this purpose. I didn't know. Very nice. With header caching opening a mailbox with mutt is massively improved. It takes only like s to open a k IMAP folder.

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