How to change outlook color on mac

But now there are 6 new accent colors available in macOS Mojave.

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Accent colors change UI elements such as app menus, popup menus, radio buttons, focus fields, and more. In addition to the new Dark Mode in Mojave, it looks like Apple is also letting users customize other graphical parts of the UI a bit more.

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Changing your accent color will automatically change your highlight color to match. Highlight color is pretty self explanatory in that it changes what color appears when you highlight text.

Microsoft Outlook to Release Highly Anticipated Dark Mode

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He has a passion for music and technology and has accepted the Bluetooth audio revolution, but will never give up the beauty of vinyls. These theme and background settings affect all Microsoft Office applications on your system.

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  5. They even affect Office applications on other Windows PCs, assuming you sign into them with the same Microsoft account. Unfortunately, documents you create will still have a white background and black text by default.

    How to change your Office theme

    You could change your documents to have a black background and white text, but those colors would be part of each document you save. This would require a large amount of ink or toner if someone printed such a document, too. Comments 0.

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