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With macOS Catalina , iTunes is gone once and for all. Music, videos, and podcasts have new apps, and Finder now handles syncing and device backups.

How to solve issues related to iTunes Home Sharing?

This is where you go to stream Apple Music, access previously purchased music, manage your local music library, and make new digital purchases on the iTunes store. The Music app looks very much like iTunes, albeit streamlined and slimmed down to focus purely on music.

These preferences are very similar to what you would once find in iTunes, including the ability to specify local media folders under the Files tab. Click on the quotation icon in the top-right corner of the screen to view lyrics where available. You can also click on the list icon next to it to see what songs are playing next. Access the old iTunes mini-player by clicking on the album artwork in the Now Playing box.

Click on it to reveal any other libraries you can connect to. If there was one thing iTunes got right, it was library sharing—a simple way to share your music library with the rest of your local network by checking a box.

Use Home Sharing

This is also where you can enable Home Sharing, which allows you to seamlessly share your library across other devices signed in to the same Apple ID. Many third-party applications have been designed with the iTunes library in mind, allowing DJs to use their music library in third party apps.

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The removal of iTunes in favor of Music has caused issues for many. XML data sharing is supported in Music, but many third-party apps have not yet been updated to account for the change. Apple recommends anyone who relies on apps like Traktor and Serato which can both use iTunes XML data wait until the developers have patched their apps. That includes the syncing of media, manually updating iOS, restoring to factory settings, and creating local backups.

Complete Guide on iTunes Home Sharing: Most People Hate to Know So Late

Apple has essentially just moved the controls that were once found in iTunes to Finder. You should now see your iPhone appear in the Finder window and an array of tabs for managing device settings and media. These controls are virtually identical to the ones found in iTunes before it was retired.

Note: Apple has maintained backward compatibility with earlier versions of iOS so you can sync pre-iOS 13 devices using Catalina and the Finder. A new app called Podcasts is now used for podcast management.

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In this case, follow tricks below to have a fix. Hoping this article can help you solve all problems about iTunes Home Sharing. You can also read more iTunes Tips. Part 1: What is Home Sharing on iTunes? To see all of your shared libraries, click in the top-left corner of iTunes. You can stream or simply drag music and videos between two authorized computers. You can also choose to have iTunes automatically import purchases you make on any of your Home Sharing.

How to Setup & Use iTunes Home Sharing

Sign in with your Apple ID and password. To enjoy shared videos, open the Videos app, tap Shared, and choose a Library. For iPad, just tap My Music. On the screen that appears, tap the category near the middle of the screen. Then tap Home Sharing and choose a shared Library to connect to. Part 3: Home Sharing not Working on iTunes?

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