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The Hostname usually provides some information on the make and model of the printers found. By using either of these methods described, obtaining the IP address to any printer should be a breeze for anybody. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Option 2 — Menu Options If your printer has a built-in screen that features menu navigation, you may be able to navigate to a network settings menu to find the IP address. Option 3 — Printer Properties If you can find a computer where the printer is installed, you may be able to find the IP address to the printer by checking the settings on the computer. See if a port is checked for your printer.

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It will usually have the IP address the printer is using. Comments Thank you for the guidance.. My configuration page does not have a IP address. My configuration page does not show my IP address. Thank you I was able to print IP address by printing the configuration report best regards.

You can find the IP address of a network-enabled printer on your network in any of four ways. To find this IP address, look in the menu on the printer, check the printer settings on your computer, issue a command, or find it on your router.

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These instructions generally apply to most printers, but the menus vary depending on the brand and type. On most printers, the network setting is found in the printer menu under Preferences , Options , or Wireless Settings if it's a wireless printer. The IP address for the printer may be displayed at the top of the network settings dialog box. If you don't see it, click through the submenus, such as View Wireless Details , to find the IP address.

In most cases, you can't manually set this IP address.

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Your wireless router assigns IP addresses automatically to devices that connect to your home network. If you don't have access to the printer or if you don't want to search through the menu system, find the printer IP address on any computer on which the printer is set up. Right-click the printer and select Properties. One of two sets of tabs displays, depending on the type of connection the printer driver uses.

In this case, find the IP address in Printer Properties. Select the Ports tab.

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The IP address is displayed in the Port field. This method to find a printer IP address works for all versions of Windows, but the steps to get to the Control Panel can vary slightly. Use one of the other methods here to find the IP address for the printer instead.

How to Know Printer IP Address in Mac

Enter netstat -r and press Enter. These addresses appear in the Location column if the printers are available. When using an AirPrint printer, the IP may not show up using the method above. Enter ping yourprinter. The result displays the printer IP address. The last option is to go directly to your router. The router manages all network traffic , so the printer IP must be registered there as a connected device.

To view the IP, log in to the router.