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So we must make a patch to those files which is to replace the official public key with our own public key. Generate random big number. If big number is not bytes-long, pad zero byte at Most Significant Bit. Then clear the lower two bits of Hash[4]. Convert Hash 5 bytes to a big number with big endian.

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The differences between custom Base32 and standard Base32 are:. If 2-bytes-long data to encode is , the units to encode are in custom Base32 while in standard Base That means and 11 in unit in standard Base32 are swapped because crossed those two bytes. Join them with hyphen '-' and you will get long product key. Short product key is generated by 20 integers of which each is 5-bits-long. The x in the last two columns means that the corresponding bit can be bit 1 or bit 0. Other bits must be as shown in the table.

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They must be the value of the sum of other 19 integers in module Join them with hyphen '-' and you will get short product key. Because Tuxera has hashed all of valid short product keys and stored their hash values in his binary release. A short product key is valid if and only if the hash value of this short product key matches one of hash values that are stored in his binary release. It seems that they have valid short product keys. A short product key is 23 chars long.

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Convert the first 14 bytes and the latter 5 bytes to big number and with big endian. Don't forget that the lower two bits of Hash[4] must be cleared. If true the long product key is valid, otherwise invalid. This is the prerequisite for a valid key.

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If not equal, the long product key must be an invalid key. If none is matched, the short product key is invalid.

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  • Calculate the hash value of the short product key and check if it match one of hash values that are stored in the binary release. If match, the short product key is valid. Otherwise invalid. You can install them by Homebrew. Therefore, if you have Mac and you want to access NTFS formatted volume, so this is the best solution out there. Similarly, Paragon software for many years now and have never any problem with it.

    This update keeps working thing at high performance. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. It supports the macOS Therefore, it is blazing fast.

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    So it gives you safer data transfer. Similarly, hassle free work It is a powerful interface and easy to use. The best user experience.

    All Microsoft file system supported. It gives you full read, writes, copy, moves, and delete access.

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    Automount option can do the mount procedure automatically. Similarly, Volume management is managing while working with Paragon. It is also including non-Roman, non-Latin characters. You will never face any problem regarding internationalization. It is fully compatible with the Apple boot camp.