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OS X will name it Signature 1, and add in your info.

Highlighting Text In Mail Messages (#1421)

Now, drag the signature you just created over to one of your email addresses in the left-hand pane to associate the signature with the email address. Close the preferences window and quit Mail.

HTML is the next step. Feel free to modify it to suit your own needs, or create your own. Culture Editor. Now you need to find your placeholder signature, which is hidden in your Library folder.

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In the Finder , click on the Go menu, and hold the Option key down to see the Library folder. Choose that Library folder, and navigate to one of the following folders within.

Choose Plain Text or Formatted Text (Outlook 2016 for Mac)

Are you tired of doing that? OS X Mail lets you choose the default message format; choose rich text to avoid the extra step. You can even set up OS X Mail such that the rich format only applies to new messages and replies to formatted emails, but not to replies you send to text-only messages whose sender might prefer a plain text answer. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since In those editions, you'll always see the richest version available.

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To return to rich text formatting, just revisit that menu: You can also have macOS Mail show you a plain text version of the email by default so that you don't always have to switch to it using the method above. Share Pin Email.

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