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Johanna Morley, Aussie Mum Network. Becca Refford, TechGirlz.

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I long for the days when I could theme my OS from candy white to brush metal from time to time—just to add something fresh for my eyes.

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Now all this bland, flat UI. CandyBar was and remains a nicely designed, user-friendly application making the personalization of OS X system icons a breeze. I was prepared to purchase your most current version in order to do so when instead I discovered your generous gift. Thank you for a very cool application, and for sharing it without charge.

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My regards, and best of luck in your future endeavors. Mis mejores deseos a todo el equipo detras de este gran proyecto que ha sido CandyBar. How can apple actually do that? I told my friend about this app today to bad i have to tell her she cant it use much longer… really scary if you think about it.. I have two question regarding this blog post above…. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks to all of your hard work! Maybe it will get better down the road, when it does we will all still be here.

Check out iCondubber as an icon management alternative, Mountain-Lion supported. More and more we are pushed into a mold but in the beginning they told us to be creative and break the mold. I see this as another mile marker on the super highway of lost functions and diminished individuality. I have so enjoyed changing the icons to fit the seasons or holiday… I guess there will be an app for that too. I just discovered CandyBar and really dig it!

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Very classy move and I will be on the look out for your future products! Good Luck!! Well, who needs to change the look of the OS anyways? The interface Apple supplies is just fine on its own. What a sad, sad day.

The end of an era. Then I stumbled onto a webpage that pointed to the icon factory as a source for cool icons. Sounds like the staff of Panic are pretty cool judging from the June trip to Hawaii and I wish you well. Is there a serial number for older versions, i. Candybar has been awesome and I have used it on my Hackintosh netbook since I first tried it out. It is just too great, and one of the reasons I want to keep using Snow Leopard forever! Changing system icons will now be a little hackier than I prefer, but I chiefly use the Pixadex portion of the software, anyway.

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Thanks for the software, I really enjoy it. I mean, Is no longer about power users now. Apple is pushing all of us to other platforms. This is getting very strange. I am telling you right now: It will be just the Mac App Store apps the only apps for Mac in less than 2 years and it will be a pain in the you know what using an App from outside. Apple will let viruses come in from outside just to let you know you need to be inside their bubble to be safe.

Thanks Panic! When people open apps such as Candybar all that comes to mind is customization, not whether the app is approved by Apple, or not. Candybar source code please? Sunday mornings… Hunting for the new icon set… Hot cup of coffee and Candy Bar… One of my favourite routines for as long as I can remember… End of an era.

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I downloaded CandyBar. I loved it. I thought it was awesome. And I tried to fix it.

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Goodbye …. I can only feel deeply sad of the news. I have been using it v 3.

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Apple should leave such small spaces of personalisation open. Sorry to hear it guys… This was the 1st piece of software I ever purchased online so as many have already said, I have fond memories of it and your company. Much love and all the best with the future. No doubt CandyBar was, and is, awesome.

They may ignore one or two feedbacks…they may even ignore hundreds or thousands of feedbacks, but I thought it was worth a try. In case any of you would like to as well. Heartfelt thanks to Panic and Thoughts on BTW, why in the world would anyone want to shove a Tablet OS into one of the finest Desktop operating systems ever created?!? I had a specific aesthetic in mind that I was able to bring to life because of Candybar. Candybar allowed me to make my Macs truly mine and the envy of all those who checked out my Desktop, Dock, icons, and tweaks, as well. Most insulting the fact that everything about But even back then there were some rumblings:.