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It can resize and convert common image and video formats, and keep best quality required for professional photography.

Compressing a JPG

It is designed to make automatic image optimization accessible and inclusive to everyone. Thousands of people have been successfully using Optimage to optimize their images.

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Additional tests revealed other issues. Optimage provides the highest compression ratio by using advanced image reduction and data compression algorithms. See detailed comparison. Optimage lets you quickly resize images and videos using a high-quality resampling algorithm and convert between a broad range of industry standard formats, making it easy to create optimized assets for your target screen sizes and resolutions. If you build websites, it is important to make all image assets, photographs and other media as small as possible because most users, especially on mobile, will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load or contains low-quality images , and because page speed improves SEO ranking for both mobile and desktop searches.

Reduce the size of your scanned PDF documents with max resolution dpi which is perfect for sharing on the web and via email. How do I find out the size of the document. The issue I had was that a 20mb pdf derived from a 40mb png file from a scanner was reduced to a 20kb file that was very grainy, albeit perfect for viewing as an icon, not so good when using it as a scanned building layout.