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How to Highlight in Pages

Click the arrows for the Offset field to adjust the spacing between the line and the text it surrounds. To remove a line, select the paragraph, then choose None from the line type pop-up menu. Add a border around a page Click Shape in the toolbar , then choose the square or rounded square.

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Drag the selection handles until the edges of the square are the size you want for the border. Click Style in the Format inspector, then do any of the following: Apply a shape style: Click one of the shape styles at the top of the pane to quickly apply a fill color, gradient, shadow, or other attribute. Change the border line: Choose Line from the Border pop-up menu, then choose a line style from the pop-up menu below it. Click the color wells to change the color of the line, and click the arrows to change the thickness of the line.

Use a picture frame style: Choose Picture Frame from the Border pop-up menu, then choose a picture frame style from the pop-up menu below it.

How to Highlight in Pages for Mac

Change the opacity of a fill color: Drag the opacity slider to make a fill color or image more or less opaque. The border is only applied to pages in that section.

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If your document has more than one section and you want the border to appear on every page in the document, add the border to the section master for each section. See also Place objects in the background. Now, on the Mac, it is possible to change any document into a page layout mode.

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On Mac, to convert any open document into page layout mode, open the Document sidebar by pressing the icon in the top right of the toolbar. Pressing this will show a scary warning that conversion requires deleting any body text or inline elements; this means any text not in a text box will be deleted.

How To Change the Background Color In Mac Pages (MacMost #1903)

You can undo, there is no good way to migrate over. Ideally, you should remember to uncheck this box when you first make your document and you are staring at a blank page.

How to add color or a picture to a Word document's background

With the document body disabled, you can now go back to the Format menu — make sure not to select any object. You will now see a Page Layout header in the sidebar, with the options for setting the background just below it.

Just select what kind of fill you want to change the page background. If you are using an image, you can choose to aspect fill, scale to fit, or tile if you have a repeating pattern like in this example. Of course, general rules of aesthetics apply — take note of contrasting colours to ensure text remains readable. If you must use a busy image backdrop, one tip is to add a drop shadow to the text to make it stand out. You can add shadows to text in the advanced options menu, hidden behind a gear icon in the Format pane when editing text.

Formatting Page Background and Borders in Word 2011 for Mac

If you have a page layout document already in iCloud Drive, Pages for iPhone and iPad will happily open and edit them. The problem is that there is no way in the current version of iOS Pages to convert a document — the checkbox to disable the document body is not available. This means you can pick any of the flyer, poster or card templates as a starting point.

You then need to delete everything in the template to get to a blank document — crucially with page layout enabled.

Change the background of a master page

Hopefully, in the future, Apple will add direct page layout customization to the iPad and iPhone apps — or at least offer a blank page layout template to get started with. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. A collection of tutorials, tips, and tricks from the 9to5Mac team helping you fix and get the most out of your favorite gear.